Jo Ann O'Rear, Artist

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Emotional realism is what I strive for when I draw or paint.  There is truth in emotions and truth is always real even if it's presented in a somewhat abstract form.  Usually when I begin to create a work of art, I start with a subject in mind, and may even start with a photograph of something, but then I follow my feelings about the subject, and my intuition, trusting in the process to complete the art in a beautiful and/or interesting manner.  In this way my art is a spiritual process, an act of faith.  I have found there is something inside me that needs to come out.  I don't only see myself as creating something, but as allowing something to become.  This is why I like to paint with my fingers as much as possible, because sometimes I feel like a paint brush blocks the flow of energy., obstructing feeling. ... I am based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.   Work can be purchased at

Exhibts Include:

L'Albero dei Gelato 2016 End of Year Performance Art Project Solo Art Show, Animals Galore and a Tree, Albero dei Gelati, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 2015.  40 Cows for Peace Public Art Show, Lakeville, CT, 2011, Animals in the Country, Gilded Moon Gallery, Millerton, New York, 2012.  Participated in Several Collaborative Art Shows with the 14th Colony Arts Collective, Millerton, New York, 2011-2012, Fall for Art Festival, Millerton, New York, 2011,