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For Jo Ann O'Rear, painting is a process of faith.  An eye, a bushel of whiskers, or a color can ignite inspiration, but once she begins a painting, she lets her instincts and emotions about the subject determine what happens, which is why she calls her medium emotional realism.  Our feelings constantly change.  Even the common emotion of joy has many gradations as it resonates off other feelings, and thus the artist's feelings toward the subject she is painting always leads to an original piece of art. 

Currently, she specializes in bunnies.  She is self-taught.  The first thing she officially drew was Boy Sleeping (on the right), based on a photograph of her youngest nephew sleeping on his grandpa's couch.  Her degrees are a BA in Literature and History from Northern Kentucky University, and a Masters of Art in the Humanities from St. Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  And she is shopping a couple novels, in search of an agent.  She won three grants for her creative writing when she was younger; two in playwriting and one in fiction from The Kentucky Arts Council and The Kentucky Foundation for Women.

@rabbittheworld Instagram. 

Based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.   Available for commissions.  Venmo. 


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Exhibts Include:

L'Albero dei Gelato 2016 End of Year Performance Art Project Solo Art Show, Animals Galore and a Tree, Albero dei Gelati, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 2015.  40 Cows for Peace Public Art Show, Lakeville, CT, 2011, Animals in the Country, Gilded Moon Gallery, Millerton, New York, 2012.  Participated in Several Collaborative Art Shows with the 14th Colony Arts Collective, Millerton, New York, 2011-2012, Fall for Art Festival, Millerton, New York, 2011,